Latest Research Reviews

Date: 24th May 2019
Publication: Oeno One
Author: Konlechner C 2016

Reference: Ultrastructural leaf features of grapevine cultivars (Vitis vinifera L. ssp. vinifera)

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Date: 23rd May 2019
Publication: JAFC
Author: Pineau B 2009

Reference: Examples of Perceptive Interactions Involved in Specific “Red-” and “Black-berry” Aromas in Red Wines

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Date: 23rd May 2019
Publication: AJEV
Author: Niimi J 2017

Reference: Linking Sensory Properties and Chemical Composition of Vitis vinifera cv. Cabernet Sauvignon Grape Berries to Wine

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Date: 21st May 2019
Publication: Crop Protection
Author: Silva D E 2019

Reference: Impact of vineyard agrochemicals against Panonychus ulmi (Acari- Tetranychidae) and its natural enemy, Neoseiulus californicus (Acari- Phytoseiidae) in Brazil

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Date: 21st May 2019
Publication: Austral Entomology
Author: Krugner R 2019

Reference: Sharpshooters- a review of what moves Xylella fastidiosa

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Date: 21st May 2019
Publication: Intech
Author: Oliviera M 2019

Reference: Vineyard and Olive Orchard Management to Maintain Yield and Quality Under Abiotic Stress Conditions

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Date: 21st May 2019
Publication: Plant Disease
Author: Thompson B 2019

Reference: First report of grapevine red blotch virus in Idaho grapevines

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Date: 21st May 2019
Publication: European Journal of Plant Pathology
Author: Kraus C 2019

Reference: The Esca complex in German vineyards- does the training system influence occurrence of GLSD symptoms?

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Date: 22nd May 2019


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Date: 10th May 2019


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Date: 6th May 2019


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Date: 28th April 2019


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Date: 19th April 2019


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Date: 7th April 2019


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Date: 2nd April 2019


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Date: 24th March 2019


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Special Report

Date: 29th October 2015
Reference:Journal:Weed Technology:2015:Online October 2015:Devkota P 2015:Influence of Spray Solution Temperature and Holding Duration on Weed Control with Premixed Glyphosate and Dicamba Formulation

Pesticides in general are chemical products, therefore the quality of ...Read more

Date: 3rd February 2015
Polls:0009:Data standards:03 Malvidin-3-glucoside or Malvidin-3-O-glucoside or Malvidin 3-O-β-D-glucoside?

Malvidin-3-glucoside or Malvidin-3-O-glucoside or Malvidin 3-O-β-D-gl...Read more

Date: 26th January 2015
Admin Synth:Guides:Data standards:Wine industry research papers (draft standard)

I think we should be developing a standard for wine industry research ...Read more

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