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Date: 23rd November 2020
Publication: Journal of Water Process Engineering
Author: Villegas Rodriguez S 2020

Reference: Performance of native open cultures (winery effluents, ruminal fluid, anaerobic sludge and digestate) for medium-chain carboxylic acid production using ethanol and acetate

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Date: 23rd November 2020
Publication: Process Biochemistry
Author: Shi K 2020

Reference: Partial characterization and lyoprotective activity of exopolysaccharide from Oenococcus oeni 28A-1

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Date: 23rd November 2020
Publication: MobiWac 2020
Author: Stevanoska S 2020

Reference: IoT-Based System for Real-time Monitoring and Insect Detection in Vineyards

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Date: 23rd November 2020
Publication: Tourism Management
Author: Wen H 2020

Reference: Virtual wine tours and wine tasting- The influence of offline and online embodiment integration on wine purchase decisions

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Date: 23rd November 2020
Publication: Journal of Environmental Management
Author: Gierling F 2020

Reference: Carbon reduction strategies for regionally produced and consumed wine- From farm to fork

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Date: 23rd November 2020
Publication: Journal of Food Composition and Analysis
Author: Khvalbota L 2020

Reference: Enantiomer composition of chiral compounds present in traditional Slovak Tokaj wines

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Date: 23rd November 2020
Publication: Universita degli Studi di Padova
Author: Perfetti A 2020

Reference: The Dynamics of International Marketing between Italy and the United Kingdom- An Analysis of Citra Winery

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Date: 23rd November 2020
Publication: International Journal of Food Science and Technology
Author: Wang L 2020

Reference: High levels of copper retard the growth of Saccharomyces cerevisiae by altering cellular morphology and reducing its potential for ethanolic fermentation

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Date: 23rd November 2020


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Date: 12th November 2020


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Date: 5th November 2020


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Date: 1st November 2020


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Date: 23rd October 2020


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Date: 12th October 2020


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Date: 4th October 2020


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Date: 27th September 2020


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Special Report

Date: 19th April 2020
Vine Synth:Growth stage:VS 4 Flowering:VS 4c Bud development:VS 4c.2 Differentiation of main axis of anlage into inflorescence rachis primordium or tendril primordium

The development of inflorescence primordia (IP) is clearly described i...Read more

Date: 16th February 2020
Admin Synth:Guides:Data standards:Colour codes

I think it would be very useful if we have standard colour codes for e...Read more

Date: 29th October 2015
Reference:Journal:Weed Technology:2015:Online October 2015:Devkota P 2015:Influence of Spray Solution Temperature and Holding Duration on Weed Control with Premixed Glyphosate and Dicamba Formulation

Pesticides in general are chemical products, therefore the quality of ...Read more

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