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Date: 18th October 2021
Publication: Journal of Rural Studies
Author: Ponte S 2021

Reference: Bursting the bubble? The hidden costs and visible conflicts behind the Prosecco wine ‘miracle’

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Date: 18th October 2021
Publication: Agronomy
Author: Marin Martinez A 2021

Reference: Effect of Organic Amendment Addition on Soil Properties, Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Grape Yield in Semi-Arid Vineyard Agroecosystems

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Date: 18th October 2021
Publication: Crop Protection
Author: Jacquet F 2021

Reference: The micro-economic impacts of a ban on glyphosate and its replacement with mechanical weeding in French vineyards

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Date: 18th October 2021
Publication: Plants
Author: Zombardo A 2021

Reference: Recovery, Molecular Characterization, and Ampelographic Assessment of Marginal Grapevine Germplasm from Southern Umbria (Central Italy)

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Date: 18th October 2021
Publication: WFSDI 2021
Author: Alesina N 2021

Reference: Innovative wine products quality management system on Sevastopol region example

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Date: 18th October 2021
Publication: Instrumentation Science & Technology
Author: Karaaslan Ayhan N 2021

Reference: Determination of anthocyanins and anthocyanidins in the wild grape (Vitis sylvestris Gmelin) by high-performance liquid chromatography-diode array detection (HPLC-DAD)

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Date: 18th October 2021
Publication: Trends in Food Science and Technology
Author: Jayarajan S 2021

Reference: Melatonin- A blooming biomolecule for postharvest management of perishable fruits and vegetables

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Date: 18th October 2021
Publication: CSCS 2021
Author: Balaceanu C 2021

Reference: The use of IoT technology in Smart Viticulture

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Date: 18th October 2021


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Date: 2nd October 2021


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Date: 23rd September 2021


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Date: 12th September 2021


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Date: 29th August 2021


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Date: 22nd August 2021


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Date: 8th August 2021


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Date: 28th July 2021


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Due to the complex nature of Ercofid Pure-Liquid and its capability to act on several different wine faults simultaneously, wines can be treated much more precisely and the positive aromas remain unharmed

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Special Report

Date: 19th April 2020
Vine Synth:Growth stage:VS 4 Flowering:VS 4c Bud development:VS 4c.2 Differentiation of main axis of anlage into inflorescence rachis primordium or tendril primordium

The development of inflorescence primordia (IP) is clearly described i...Read more

Date: 16th February 2020
Admin Synth:Guides:Data standards:Colour codes

I think it would be very useful if we have standard colour codes for e...Read more

Date: 29th October 2015
Reference:Journal:Weed Technology:2015:Online October 2015:Devkota P 2015:Influence of Spray Solution Temperature and Holding Duration on Weed Control with Premixed Glyphosate and Dicamba Formulation

Pesticides in general are chemical products, therefore the quality of ...Read more

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