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Latest Research Reviews

Date: 26th November 2021
Publication: Scientific Reports
Author: VanderWeide J 2021

Reference: Natural and Artificial Oxidation of Grape Seed Phenolics are Influenced by Extractability and Galloylation Pattern

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Date: 25th November 2021
Publication: Microorganisms
Author: Kodes Z 2021

Reference: Composition and Biological Activity of Vitis vinifera Winter Cane Extract on Candida Biofilm

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Date: 25th November 2021
Publication: Industrial problems of the study of arid territories
Author: Vlasova O K 2021

Reference: The Biotechnological Potential of the Production Resources of Grapes Cultivated in Dry Conditions

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Date: 25th November 2021
Publication: Data in Brief
Author: Goufo P 2021

Reference: Metabolite profile data of grapevine plants with brown wood streaking and grapevine leaf stripe (esca complex disease) symptoms

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Date: 25th November 2021
Publication: Oeno One
Author: Oyuela Aguilar M 2021

Reference: Screening of epiphytic rhizosphere-associated bacteria in Argentinian Malbec and Cabernet-Sauvignon vineyards for potential use as biological fertilisers and pathogen-control agents

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Date: 25th November 2021
Publication: Oeno One
Author: Milisic K 2021

Reference: Ampelographic and molecular characterisation of grapevine varieties in the gene bank of the experimental vineyard ‘Radmilovac’ – Serbia

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Date: 24th November 2021
Publication: Oeno One
Author: Meistermann E 2021

Reference: A Basidiomycete fungus responsible for fresh mushroom off-flavour in wines- Crustomyces subabruptus, (Bourdot & Galzin) Jülich, 1978

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Date: 24th November 2021
Publication: Foods
Author: Luzzini G 2021

Reference: Volatile Compounds in Monovarietal Wines of Two Amarone Della Valpolicella Terroirs- Chemical and Sensory Impact of Grape Variety and Origin, Yeast Strain and Spontaneous Fermentation

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Latest Synths

Date: 17th November 2021


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Date: 7th November 2021


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Date: 3rd November 2021


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Date: 18th October 2021


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Date: 2nd October 2021


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Date: 23rd September 2021


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Date: 12th September 2021


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Date: 29th August 2021


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Special Report

Date: 19th April 2020
Vine Synth:Growth stage:VS 4 Flowering:VS 4c Bud development:VS 4c.2 Differentiation of main axis of anlage into inflorescence rachis primordium or tendril primordium

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Date: 16th February 2020
Admin Synth:Guides:Data standards:Colour codes

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Date: 29th October 2015
Reference:Journal:Weed Technology:2015:Online October 2015:Devkota P 2015:Influence of Spray Solution Temperature and Holding Duration on Weed Control with Premixed Glyphosate and Dicamba Formulation

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