VitiSynth currently contains 10080 Entries, 357500 Factors, 23794 Interactions´╗┐ and growing.

VitiSynth is-

  • A highly time efficient way for busy viticulturists, oenologists, vineyard managers, consultants, students, researchers and enthusiasts to keep up to date with the latest viticulture and wine research and practice from around the world;
  • A place to start/join Discussions on very specific topics, ask questions and provide answers;
  • A highly structured, precise database with unique search functions based on Interactions between Factors;
  • Open access and therefore free of charge.

Why is VitiSynth open access and free of charge?

Because we want as many people as possible-

  • Accessing the great viticulture and wine research that is published around the world;
  • Starting/joining Discussions of very specific topics, asking questions and providing answers.

VitiSynth has the following components:

  • Reviews- of current viticulture and wine research from around the world including Key statements, James review, Practical implications and Read recommendations. 
  • Synths- James insights into specific viticulture and wine topics. Over time the Synths will form an online, up to date textbook covering a massive range of very specific topics. The beauty of this approach is that the "textbook" will be very well structured and highly searchable via VitiSynth. 
  • Discussions- Each Synth has a discussion (forum) where you can discuss with James and all of the other users the specific topic addressed in the Synth. As a Registered user you have the opportunity to discuss topics that are important to you with people from all over the world. You can even request the establishment of a new Synth.
  • The database- a unique Interactions database utilising highly precise and consistent Factors. You can use the Advanced Interaction Search to find specific information (Reviews, Synths, specific Interactions, Select Cultivars or Rootstocks by Phenology etc.) by selecting factors to various levels of specificity.

VitiSynthesis (the newsletter) contains the highlights from what has been added to Vitisynth over the previous week as well as extra features.

VitiSynth is lead by James Wright and supported by data entry & administration staff, database experts and web specialists.

About James Wright

James is a practical viticulturist with a systems and training background. He works worldwide providing viticulture consulting services and delivering seminars and presentations on a range of technical and business topics. In 2005, James resigned from managing a large vineyard to establish Wright Viticulture as a consultancy service. In 2006 James founded the Australian Institute of Viticulture. The Australian Institute of Viticulture has delivered over 200 sessions since 2006. 

VitiSynth is James creation- "My personal goal is to build a lasting knowledge base for use by vineyard managers, oenologists, viticulturists, researchers, students and enthusiasts and a forum for discussion of very specific topics. I want "VitiSynthers" to be able to find information and answers quickly and to have access to the very latest viticulture and wine knowledge. I also want to support the important institutions (Researchers, Research Institutions, Professional Associations & Publishers) in our industry by promoting the great research performed around the world and promoting the technical conferences."

Born in Australia, James now lives in Germany.


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Address: Postfach 11 05, 49686 Lastrup, Germany
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Director: James Wright
Local court: Cloppenburg
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