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Reference: Regional determinants of Hungarian wine prices- The role of geographical indications, objective quality and individual reputation
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Analysing the determinants of wine prices has always been a field of interest in the wine economics literature. By estimating hedonic price functions, however, most papers generally remain at the country level with regions generally neglected or treated as simple dummy variables. The aim of this paper is to analyse the determinants of wine prices at the regional level by using Latent Variable Path Modelling with Partial Least Squares and Principal Component Analysis on the example of Hungarian wines. This approach is able to capture the regional specialties of wine production and provides a better insight into price determination. Results suggest that intrinsic values play a major but ambiguous role in determining regional wine prices, especially in the case of sugar content. It also becomes apparent that specific Geographical Indications (GIs) play a crucial role in price determination, instead of GI use per se. Moreover, individual brands also have an important role, as Tier1 and Tier2 wineries tend to sell their wines at higher prices and in smaller batch sizes.

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Published: 2021
Publication: Wine Economics and Policy
Issue: 2021 Online April 2021
Author: Gal P 2021


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