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Reference: Modeling grape taste and mouthfeel from chemical composition
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This research aims at predicting sensory proprieties generated by the phenolic fraction (PF) of grapes from chemical composition. Thirty-one grape extracts of different grape lots were obtained by maceration of grapes in hydroalcoholic solution; afterward they were submitted to solid phase extraction. The recovered PFs were reconstituted in a wine model. Subsequently the wine models, containing the PFs, were sensory (taste, mouthfeel) and chemically characterized.

Significant sensory differences among the 31 PFs were identified. Sensory variables were predicted from chemical parameters by PLS-regression. Tannin activity and concentration along with mean degree of polymerization were found to be good predictors of dryness, while the concentration of large polymeric pigments seems to be involved in the “sticky” percept and flavonols in the “bitter” taste. Four fully validated PLS-models predicting sensory properties from chemical variables were obtained. Two out of the three dimensions could be satisfactorily modeled. These results increase knowledge about grape properties and proposes the measurement of chemical variables to infer grape quality.

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Published: 2021
Publication: Food Chemistry
Issue: 2021 Online September 2021
Author: Ferrero del Teso S 2021

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