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Reference: Recovery, Molecular Characterization, and Ampelographic Assessment of Marginal Grapevine Germplasm from Southern Umbria (Central Italy)
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The protection of grapevine biodiversity and the safeguarding of genetic variability are certainly primary and topical objectives for wine research, especially in territories historically devoted to viticulture. To assess the autochthonous germplasm of three different districts of Southern Umbria (Central Italy), the plant material of 70 grapevines retrieved from reforested land plots or old vineyards was collected, and their genetic identity was investigated using 13 microsatellite markers (SSR). The results revealed the presence of 39 unique genotypes, divided into 24 already-known cultivars and 15 never-reported SSR profiles. Most of the grapevine accessions were then vegetatively propagated and cultivated in a vineyard collection both to be protected from extinction and to be evaluated at the ampelographic level. Overall, this work emphasizes the need for recovering the threatened genetic variability that characterizes minor neglected grapevine cultivars or biotypes of Southern Umbria germplasm, and the requirement to revalue and exploit the more valuable genetic resources to enhance the local agri-food economy.

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Published: 2021
Publication: Plants
Issue: 2021 10-8-1539
Author: Zombardo A 2021


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