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This week- Quercetin haze, Tannins masking fruity aromas, Grape powder consumption, The rediscovery of Berués, Slow-burn sulfur compounds, Ethanol and SO2 effects on prise de mousse, Effects of different GAs, Lower and upper limits for tannin sensory impact, CO2- increased WUE but water?, Gen Z and Millennial acceptance of hybrid fruit wines, On the importance of coverage when applying jasmonates, Gut bioaccessibility of the fungicide Triadimefon, Row orientation effects on steep slopes, Vegetable proteins for prevention of "pinking", Chloride in leaves and salinity tolerance, Enzymes and wine colour, Wine treatments during aging, Use of mannoproteins to manage astringency and bitterness, Oligosaccharides and sensory perception, Cataloguing smoke compounds, Tannins-aging-bitterness-astringency, Ripeness-polysaccharides-enzymes-bitterness-astringency, SO2-Bioprotectors-Aromas, Efficacy of commercial pruning wound protectants, Improving the delivery of Methyl Jasmonate, Increasing fine root growth via strigolactones + Sustainability (3), Ampelography (1), VitiSynth Correlate © Updates, VitiSynth Wine LoT © Updates, Genetics (2), HACCP (1), Laboratory (4), New products (2), Research on research (3), Trunk diseases etc. (1), Vine physiology (1), Vineyard management (2), Wine (1), Winemaking (1) and Wine marketing & tourism (1).



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