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Reference: Volatile Compounds in Monovarietal Wines of Two Amarone Della Valpolicella Terroirs- Chemical and Sensory Impact of Grape Variety and Origin, Yeast Strain and Spontaneous Fermentation
Key Statements


Aroma profiles of withered Corvina and Corvinone wines from two different Valpolicella terroirs were investigated in relationship to yeast strain and use of spontaneous fermentation. The results indicated that volatile chemical differences between wines were mainly driven by grape origin, which was associated with distinctive compositional profiles. Wine content in terpenes, norisoprenoids, benzenoids and C6 alcohols, as well as some fermentative esters, were indeed significantly affected by grape origin. Conversely, yeast strain influence was mainly associated with fermentation-derived esters. Sensory analysis, besides confirming the major role of grape origin as driver of wine differentiation, indicated that spontaneous fermentations reduced the sensory differences associated with grape origin and variety, mainly due to high content of acetic acid and ethyl acetate.

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Published: 2021
Publication: Foods
Issue: 2021 10-10-2474
Author: Luzzini G 2021


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