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Reference: The Biotechnological Potential of the Production Resources of Grapes Cultivated in Dry Conditions
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The results are presented for a study of the biotechnological properties of the introduced Moldova variety, which grows in different soil and climatic conditions of the arid territories of Dagestan. Features of the synthesis of the components of carbohydrate, acid, nitrogen, phenolic, amino acid and vitamin complexes have been determined with respect to the cultivation location. It is noted that the Moldova variety can synthesize a large amount of valuable nutrients at a low moisture supply and high indicators of the sum of active temperatures. This variety has demonstrated ecological plasticity and technological versatility, and it has been experimentally proven that high-quality wine materials can be obtained from it for the production of sparkling and original special wines. Thus, the expansion of areas of grape planting in arid conditions is expedient.

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Published: 2021
Publication: Industrial problems of the study of arid territories
Issue: 2021 11 p406-410
Author: Vlasova O K 2021


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