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Reference: Development of Wine Tourism and It's Impact for Local Community in North Bali
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As the impact of tourism, wine industry in Bali are growing rapidly in recent years. Hotels, restaurants and bars sell numerous amounts of wines. In general perspectives, the image of wine is very close to elegance, relaxation, hedonism, hospitality and tourism. Wines are also have a good pairing with selected foods. Formerly, wines in Bali are very expensive since all wines were imported from major wine producing countries, e.g. France, Australia, USA, and many others. As there were a high demand and opportunities, wine industries in Bali develops since 1990s, however only few sustain due to challenges on legal regulation and economic fluctuation in Indonesia. As Bali still facing the challenges on dividing its tourism to all parts of Bali, not only in southern area, the idea to develop wine tourism could be one of the alternatives. Aims of this study are to identify the contribution of wine industry as the impact of tourism for the local community in North Bali through qualitative research, by interviewing the local community in North Bali and representatives from industries. Both sides are examined in order to conduct a sustainable wine tourism, notably on wine tourism with community involvement in Northern area of Bali. There are plentiful studies had taken previously, but none specifically observing the wines development in Bali and its contribution to the local community.

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Published: 2017
Publication: Advances in Economics, Business and Management Research
Issue: 2017 January 2017
Author: Febianti F 2017


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