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Reference: Grapevine trunk diseases- a review of fifteen years of trials for their control with chemicals and biocontrol agents.
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Grapevine trunk diseases (GTDs) represent one of the most important problems for viticulture worldwide. Beyond the original causes of this outbreak in some countries like France, the lack of efficient control protocols and the prohibition of using active ingredients such as sodium arsenite and benzimidazoles, until recently used to reduce the impact of some GTDs but deleterious for humans and environment, have probably worsened the impact of the diseases that is leading to increasing economic losses. Since 1990, searches have been made to find efficient tools to control GTDs, testing a wide range of active ingredients and biocontrol agents. This review provides readers with an overview of the results reported in the scientific literature over the last fifteen years. In particular, the review focuses on the trials carried out applying chemicals or microorganisms to control Esca complex diseases, Botryosphaeria dieback, and Eutypa dieback, the most widespread GTDs.

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Published: 2017
Publication: Plant Disease
Issue: 2017 Online December 2017
Author: Mondello V 2017


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