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Reference: Cloning and expression analysis of lipoxygenase gene in grape (Vitis vinifera)
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Green leaf volatiles (GLV), including C6 and C9 aldehydes, alcohols and lipids, are important aroma components in grapes(Vitis vinifera L). and wines. Lipoxygenase (LOX) is a key enzyme for the synthesis of GLVs. In this study, full-length cDNAs of VvLOX1 (KF033130) and VvLOX2 (KF033131) were cloned from Cabernet Sauvignon(V. vinifera) berries. By bioinformatics analysis, these two genes belonged to type I 9-LOX and type II 13-LOX, respectively. The expression levels of VvLOX1 and VvLOX2 were higher in leaves and roots than those in stems and tendrils. During the development of grape berries, the expression levels of VvLOX1 and VvLOX2 were related to GLV synthesis, but the peaks of two genes expression appeared 2 weeks earlier than those of C6 and C9 contents. After wounding treatment, there was a significant positive correlation between VvLOX2 expression level and C6 content, which indicated that this gene played an important role in plant stress resistance. The results of this study provide the basic data for exploring the function mechanism of LOXs in aroma formation of grape berries.

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Published: 2018
Publication: Journal of Agricultural Biotechnology
Issue: 2018 25-11 p1809-1819
Author: Liu M 2018


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