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Reference: Grapevine rootstocks result in differences in leaf composition (Vitis vinifera L. cv. Pinot Noir) detected through non‐invasive fluorescence sensor technology
Key Statements


Background and Aims
The main objective of the study was to test if differences in leaf composition induced by the rootstock could be detected through non‐invasive fluorescence sensor technology.
Methods and Results
Multiplex Research measurements on three dates over three consecutive growing seasons showed that Pinot Noir (Vitis vinifera L.) grafted onto high vigour rootstocks (125AA and SO4 with double the amount of pruning mass) had also leaves with high chlorophyll index and low flavonol index when compared to that of Riparia and Schwarzmann. Multiplex measurements ‘on‐the‐go’ gave similar results. Amino acids in juices, however, was not directly related to vine vigour as values for R110 and Riparia were significantly lower than that for 125AA.
The applicability of new optical sensors used both manually or ‘on‐the‐go’ to characterise rootstock influence on scion leaf composition was established and could be related to vine vigour conferred by the rootstock.
Significance of the Study
Our study provides evidence that non‐invasive fluorescence sensors used for the first time over consecutive growing seasons and dates are able to reveal differences in scion leaf composition induced by the rootstock in relation to vine vigour and to provide the basis for a better understanding of its impact on fruit and wine composition.

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Publication Details

Published: 2018
Publication: AJGWR
Issue: 2018 Online March 2018
Author: Blank M 2018

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