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Reference: Phosphorus acquisition efficiency and phosphorus remobilization mediate genotype-specific differences in shoot phosphorus content in grapevine
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Crop productivity is limited by phosphorus (P) and this will probably increase in the future. Rootstocks offer a means to increase the sustainability and nutrient efficiency of agriculture. It is known that rootstocks alter petiole P concentrations in grapevine. The objective of this work was to determine which functional processes are involved in genotype-specific differences in scion P content by quantifying P uptake, P remobilization from the reserves in the cutting and P allocation within the plant in three grapevine genotypes. Cuttings of two American rootstocks and one European scion variety were grown in sand and irrigated with a nutrient solution containing either high P (0.6 mM) or low P (0 mM). The high P solution was labelled with 32P throughout the experiment. The grapevine genotypes studied show variation in the inhibition of shoot and root biomass in response to low P supply, and P supply also affected shoot, but not root, P concentrations. Genotype-specific differences in total P content were related to differences in P acquisition and utilization efficiencies (PAE and PUE, respectively). Phosphorus allocation within the plant was not affected by genotype or P supply. The rootstock genotype known to confer high petiole P content in the vineyard was associated with a high PAE under high P, and a high PUE under low P. This suggests that the petiole P concentrations in the vineyard are related to genotype-specific differences in PAE and PUE, and that these traits could be used for rootstock selection programmes in the future.

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Published: 2018
Publication: Tree Physiology
Issue: 2018 Online July 2018
Author: Gautier A 2018


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