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Reference: The role of the secondary phloem during the development of the grapevine Berry Shrivel ripening disorder
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Berry Shrivel (BS) is a post-veraison physiological ripening disorder of grapevine berries. Its symptoms encompass low pH, reduced content of sugars and anthocyanins, and loss of turgor leading to berries shriveling. Evidence for the primary causes of BS is still speculative and anatomical studies are scarce. So far, anatomical studies have determined necrotic cells, degraded primary phloem cells and hardening of secondary phloem cells in the rachis of BS affected grapes. The picture is far from being complete. Herein we report in-depth analyses of the ultrastructure, anatomy and spatial elementary analysis of rachis and pedicel tissues of BS symptomatic grape clusters with different symptom severity. We hypothesize that structural changes in the vascular system of BS affected grape clusters could alter transport functions of the phloem tissue and contribute to the appearance of BS symptoms. By applying different microscopic techniques (LM, SEM, TEM and EDS) we found a number of anatomical differences in both, rachis and pedicels, between H and BS symptomatic grapes, which include: (i) extended areas of collapsed cells and cell wall thickenings in the secondary phloem in BS samples; (ii) reduced number of cell layers in the cambium in BS samples; (iii) higher rate of callose deposition on sieve plates that are additionally covered with a carbohydrate-like material in BS samples; and (iv) reduced (up to 60%) estimated sieve tube conductivity in BS samples.

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Published: 2018
Publication: Micron
Issue: 2018 Online September 2018
Author: Crespo Martinez S 2018

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