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Reference: Effects of agricultural management on phyllosphere fungal diversity in vineyards and the association with adjacent native forests
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Agriculture is one of the main drivers of land conversion, and agriculture practices can impact on microbial diversity. Here we characterized the phyllosphere fungal diversity associated with Carménère grapevines under conventional and organic agricultural management. We also explored the fungal diversity present in the adjacent sclerophyllous forests to explore the potential role of native forest on vineyard phyllosphere. After conducting D2 and ITS2 amplicon sequencing, we found that fungal diversity indices did not change between conventional and organic vineyards, but community structure was sensitive to the agricultural management. On the other hand, we found a high proportion of shared fungal OTUs between vineyards and native forests. In addition, both habitats had similar levels of fungal diversity despite forest samples were derived from multiple plant species. In contrast, the community structure was different in both habitats. Interestingly, the native forest had more unidentified species and unique OTUs than vineyards. Forest dominant species were Aureobasidium pullulans and Endoconidioma populi, whereas Davidiella tassiana, Didymella sp., and Alternaria eichhorniae were more abundant in vineyards. Overall, this study argues that a better understanding of the relationship native forests and agroecosystems is needed for maintaining and enhancing ecosystem services provided by natural ecosystems. Finally, knowledge of microbial communities living in the Chilean Mediterranean biome is needed for appropriate conservation management of these biomes and their classification as biodiversity hotspots.

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Published: 2018
Publication: PeerJ- Life and Environment
Issue: 2018 Online October 2018
Author: Castaneda L E 2018


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