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Reference: Active rearrangements in the cell wall follow polymer concentration during postharvest withering in the berry skin of Vitis vinifera cv. Corvina
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During grape postharvest withering, a worldwide practice used to produce important high-quality wines, the solute concentration increases due to dehydration, and many organoleptic and quality traits, especially related to the berry skin, are affected in a cultivar-specific manner. Nevertheless, a complete comprehension of the underlying processes is still lacking.
In this work, we applied ATR-FTIR micro-spectroscopy combined with PCA to monitor cell wall biochemical changes at three stages during postharvest withering on the internal and external sides of the berry skin of the Vitis vinifera cv. Corvina, an important local variety of the Verona province in Italy. The obtained results were integrated by profiling xylogucans and pectins through immunohistochemistry and by genome-wide transcriptomic analysis performed at the same withering stages.
Our analysis indicates a gradual passive polymer concentration due to water loss in the first two months of postharvest withering, followed by active structural modifications in the last month of the process. Such rearrangements involve xyloglucans in the internal surface, cuticle components and cellulose in the external surface, and pectins in both surfaces. Moreover, by investigating the expression trend of cell wall metabolism-related genes, we identified several putative molecular markers associated to the polymer dynamics.
The present study represents an important step towards an exhaustive comprehension of the postharvest withering process, which is of great interest from both the biological and technological points of view.

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Published: 2018
Publication: Plant Physiology and Biochemistry
Issue: 2018 Online November 2018
Author: Fasoli M 2018


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