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Reference: VvWRKY8 represses stilbene synthase gene through direct interaction with VvMYB14 to control resveratrol biosynthesis in grapevine
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Resveratrol (Res) belongs to stilbene, a plant-derived phenolic metabolite with activities against pests, pathogens and abiotic stresses. Only a few plant species, including grapevine (Vitis L.), synthesize and accumulate Res. Although stilbene synthases (STSs) have been isolated and characterized in several plant species, the gene regulatory mechanisms underlying stilbene biosynthesis are still established scarcely. Here, we report the characterization of a grapevine WRKY transcription factor, VvWRKY8, that regulates the Res biosynthetic pathway. The transient and stable overexpression of VvWRKY8 in grapevine resulted in the decreased expression of VvSTS15/21 and VvMYB14, as well as in the reduction of Res accumulation. VvWRKY8 does not bind to nor activate the promoters of VvMYB14 and VvSTS15/21. However, VvWRKY8 physically interacts with VvMYB14, through their N-terminal domains, to prevent VvMYB14 from binding to the VvSTS15/21 promoter. Application of exogenous Res resulted in the stimulation of VvWRKY8 expression and in the decrease of VvMYB14 and VvSTS15/21 expression in grapevine suspension cells, and in the activation of VvWRKY8 promoter in tobacco leaves. These results demonstrate that VvWRKY8 represses VvSTS15/21 expression and Res biosynthesis through interaction with VvMYB14. In this context, the VvMYB14-VvSTS15/21-Res-VvWRKY8 regulatory loop may be an important mechanism for the fine-tuning of Res biosynthesis in grapevine.

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Published: 2018
Publication: Journal of Experimental Botany
Issue: 2018 Online November 2018
Author: Jiang J 2018


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