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Reference: ABA promotes starch synthesis and storage metabolism in dormant grapevine buds
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In grapevine (Vitis vinifera L) buds, the short day (SD)-photoperiod induces endodormancy and increases the level of ABA and the expression of ABA key biosynthesis genes, which suggests that ABA could be the mediator of the photoperiodic induction of endodormancy. In the present study, it was established that during the development of the endodormancy, the content of ABA and the accumulation of starch increased in parallel in the buds; however, these increases occurred after the buds were already in the state of endodormancy. Despite this finding the exogenous applications of ABA to single-bud cuttings increased the starch content and up-regulated the expression of starch synthesis genes (VvSS1 and VvSS3) and down-regulated the expression of sucrose metabolism genes, invertase (VvINV) and sucrose phosphate synthase (VvSUPS). In addition, the manipulation of the endogenous content of ABA in the grapevine buds by applications of hydrogen cyanamide and uniconazole-P, revealed that the depth of the endodormancy depends on the ABA levels. Taken together, the results indicate that the development of the endodormancy in grapevine buds is associated with the accumulation of starch and a shift in metabolism towards a storage metabolism; as ABA stimulates both processes, it must play an important role in the maintenance and release but not the induction of endodormancy in grapevine buds.

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Published: 2019
Publication: Journal of Plant Physiology
Issue: 2019 Online January 2019
Author: Rubio S 2019


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