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Reference: Current Review on Synthesis, Composites and Multifunctional Properties of Graphene
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A material that can serve in almost every field of human life at very low cost with high results is no other than “graphene”. The multifunctional properties of graphene have made it a very interesting topic of research among researchers. Since its discovery in the last decade of the last century, scientists continue to disclose the amazing properties of graphene day by day. By last year, the number of publications on graphene applications had reached many thousands per year, which is a record absolutely. The main objectives of this review were to provide an eye-catching view of graphene properties discovered in the last few years. This review aims to report some “green synthesis” methods for synthesizing graphene from low cost/no cost materials having no side effects of any kind. Fabrication of graphene to produce composite materials is another milestone that is discussed in this review, giving recent examples. “Graphene membranes” can serve not only for the separation of different gases but find a main use in the supply of safe drinking water to all countries. “Graphene energy” can be utilized for the production of graphene batteries with much better charging capacity than the traditionally used lithium batteries. Graphene superconductors and magnets exhibit better performance than previously used materials for these purposes. Graphene inks can bring about a revolution in the field of printed electronics. A very recent development is graphene clothing and shoes. Graphene glasses, paints, rubber bands and disease detectors are among other graphene-based materials developed for human use. This review percolates recent advancements in graphene and its applications, which have brought about positive and revolutionary change in different fields of human welfare.

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Published: 2019
Publication: Topics in Current Chemistry
Issue: 2019 Online April 2019
Author: Sattar T 2019


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