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Reference: Comparison between standardized sensory methods used to evaluate the mousy off-flavor in red wine
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The variation in descriptors for mousy off-flavor may be related to the different compounds involved in this spoilage, their concentrations, the matrix effect, individual detection abilities, the composition of a subject’s saliva, and the pH of the tongue’s surface. These different sources of variability partly explain the lack of consensus concerning the perception of this defect in wine. Several different sensory methods have been developed by wine professionals and scientists, based on the pH-dependency affecting the perception of some key mousy compounds. The objective of this study was to compare different sensory methods for detecting mousy character in red wine under standardized conditions, using alkaline paper strips and pH adjustment. Among the methods tested, adjusting pH to around 5 increased the consensus among tasters, and the detection and discrimination capacities of panelists.

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Published: 2019
Publication: Oeno One
Issue: 2019 53-2
Author: Tempere S 2019


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