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Reference: Measuring the energy consumption and energy efficiency in two-harvest-a-year grape cultivation
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This paper aims to assess two-harvest-a-year grape production system from the perspective of energy consumption and energy utilization. The primary data was collected through field investigation in Guangxi, China, and the raw data was converted to energy data by the energy equivalent to account the energy consumption. Furthermore, the energy data were processed based on Data Envelopment Analysis model to measure the energy efficiency in two-harvest-a-year grape cultivation. The results reveal that the total energy input and output in annual are 67630MJ/ha and 50462 MJ/ha, and the energy input and output amounts in the first season are generally larger than that in the second season. However, energy input structures in two production seasons are quite similar for they both consume large proportions energy of chemical fertilizer and pesticide, which respectively are 41.65% and 25.20% in the first season and 39.29% and 25.66% in the second season. The average energy efficiency in the first season, the second season and annual is 0.805, 0.573 and 0.687, which reveals the firstly season is more efficient in energy utilization. Finally, some suggestions are proposed to optimize energy input structure and promote energy utilization efficiency of the production system.

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Published: 2019
Publication: Energy
Issue: 2019 Online October 2019
Author: Tian D 2019


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