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This week- On calcium and skin cracks, Left-field winemaking, Aroma interactions, Hybrids and thiols, For the futurists, Wind breaks and water savings, a Heads up, Mitigating freeze injury, Modelling botrytis bunch rot epidemics, IBMP x 17 + Business (1), Cultivars (1), Genetics (2), Health (1), Laboratory (3), New products (4), Table grapes (1), Vineyard management (2), Wine (1), Winemaking (2), and Wine marketing & tourism (3).

Also this week another Sankey diagram, this time on 3-isobutyl-2-methoxypyrazine. Again the thickness of the connecting lines is based on the number of cross references in the VitiSynth database and draft colour standards are also included. This time around I have included Factors that are either positively, negatively or not (neutral) correlated to 3-isobutyl-2-methoxypyrazine concentration in grapes / wine. New thread extension- :!:04:Correlations:.

My vision is to incorporate the correlations identified in research into VitiSynth with the aim of creating many such visual representations to aid decision making...

i.e. spring temperatures have been warmer than usual leading to high vigour leading to a higher level of isobutyl-2-methoxypyrazine concentration leading to a higher level of green capsicum and general vegetal aroma in wine. Delaying harvest would help reduce these green aromas however the increased sugar levels are undesirable so increasing light exposure (irradiance) via leaf / shoot thinning will be a better option...what is then required is a similar diagram for all shoot thinning interactions to see what the potential effects are on other aromas.

To achieve this vision and to secure the future of VitiSynth as an open access resource I will be shortly sending out a request for pledges of financial support from private individuals, companies and institutions. I hope you can assist.


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