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Reference: Welcome to My House, Do You Like the Neighborhood? Authenticity Differentiation Within Strategic Groups of Wineries
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Wineries differentiate themselves by creating a sense of authenticity. Wineries will do this by engaging in sensemaking to understand their environments and sensegiving to influence consumer perceptions of authenticity. Oftentimes, wineries can identify themselves within a geographic region, which provides benefits like participation in strategic groups. This chapter identifies four differentiation approaches used by wineries to develop authenticity: appellation, tourism, terroir, and storytelling. The benefits of participating in a strategic group allow wineries to collectively craft a sense of regional authenticity by appellation differentiation from other regions, as well as through tourism. However, wineries also need to differentiate within their respective strategic groups by creating authentic differences. Differentiation within a strategic group can be based on the terroir of the winery property to make the wine produced appear more authentic. Storytelling allows wineries to shape narratives about wines and wineries to create an authenticity unique to the winery. There are thus beneficial approaches to developing authenticity for a winery both within and between strategic groups.

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Published: 2020
Publication: SpringerLink
Issue: 2020 Management and Marketing of Wine Tourism Business
Author: Downing J A 2020


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