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Reference: Scarecrows- An Art Exhibition at Domaine Sigalas Inspiring Transformational Wine Tourism Experiences
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Despite the boom of research on wine tourism experiences, most of the studies focus on creating typologies of experiences (mainly based on the 4Es framework) neglecting to explain how and why customers get engaged with wine tourism activities and how one can trigger and motivate customer engagement to achieve positive customer value outcomes. This chapter explains how the combination of art, cultural heritage and wine can be used for designing engaging and meaningful wine tourism experiences that can contribute to the personal development and transformation of wine tourists. To achieve this, the chapter adopts a cultural ecosystems and landscape approach for conceptualizing winescapes and understanding their role and impact on wine tourism experiences. A case study based on the Scarecrow art exhibition taking place at Domaine Sigalas is used for showing the applicability and implications of the theoretical arguments. The case study shows how the use of art within a cultural winescape context can stimulate and nurture multi-dimensional wine tourism experiences that can in turn result in transformational and developmental customer benefits.

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Published: 2020
Publication: SpringerLink
Issue: 2020 Management and Marketing of Wine Tourism Business
Author: Sigala M 2020


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