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Reference: Impact of vineyard topography on the quality of Chablis wine
Key Statements


Background and Aims
‘Terroir’ is a term used to describe how climate, microclimate, geology, soil, topography and vitivinicultural history affect the taste and aroma of a wine produced from a vineyard. This study investigates one aspect of terroir—the topography—for Chablis, a white wine‐producing region of France.
Methods and Results
A digital elevation model was used to produce topographic data for the vineyard areas of Chablis (‘Climats’). Correlation and regression analyses were used to compare topography with 6850 wine scores extracted from CellarTracker, an online crowdsourced database of wine‐tasting notes.
No strong evidence was found that topography plays a role in determining differences in wine quality within Chablis. There is, however, a reason to think that slope gradient may have an influence on wine quality, but the evidence is insufficient, and data limitations prevented further analysis.
Significance of the Study
The findings suggest that, provided a vineyard falls within a range of topographic, soil and climatic parameters, it is possible for a good winemaker to produce high‐quality wine no matter where the land is located and that, provided certain thresholds are not crossed, the influence of topography is too small to be detected in the final wine.

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Publication Details

Published: 2020
Publication: AJGWR
Issue: 2020 Online May 2020
Author: Biss A J 2020

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