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Despite some new pledges this week there is still a long way to go to reach the funding level required to keep VitiSynth open access. For those who have not as yet made a pledge and see the community value in open access please consider making a pledge, thank you!

This week- Get in the isomix, Fungicide booster, GA3 against bunch compactness, Xenocentrism, On glutathione, On skin contact for whites, US Gen Z, More on Potassium phosphonate, In the bag, Aroma influencers, More on low-power wireless networks, In-process monitoring of phenols, Bird psychology and UAVs, Sustainability (7) + Business (4), Cultivars (5), Genetics (3), Health (1), History (1), Laboratory (2), Nursery (1), Patents (3), Table grapes (2), Vineyard management (7), Viruses etc. (2), Wine marketing & tourism (4) and Wine sensory (1).



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