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The present disclosure relates generally to toasted barrels or staves for aging wine. In particular, the present disclosure provides toasted barrels and staves for providing a wine contact surface having at least two crosswise portions to address the need for providing multiple flavor profiles releasable from a toasted barrel or stave, wherein the toasted barrel or stave includes multi-levels of toasting. The toasted barrel comprises a plurality of staves forming a barrel body having a wine contact surface. The barrel body includes at least a first crosswise portion and a second crosswise portion. The wine contact surface of the first crosswise portion is characterized by a first structural toast level and the wine contact surface of the second crosswise portion is characterized by a second structural toast level. The first and second structural toast levels are configured to release first and second flavor profiles, respectively, extractable to the wine.

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Published: 2020
Publication: United States Patent
Issue: 2020 16/218915
Author: Molnar J 2020


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