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I need some feedback from those who have not made a pledge towards keeping VitiSynth open access as yet. Is COVID-19 holding you back? Think VitiSynth should be user-pays? Think your wine industry levy money should pay for it? Thought that VitiSynth was already receiving that kind of funding? Something else? I would appreciate you taking a moment to share your thoughts...

This week- Create the bubble, More on fungicide effects (non-effects) on fermentation, Traité de la vigne- 3e édition, Managing OTA through yeast selection, Bat benefits, On the colour of proanthocyanidins, Cover crops species and GRBV, Powdery mildew in Central Asia, Smartphone App- 3DBunch, Potassium-Magnesium-Biomass, Left-field due diligence on green-field sites, Sustainability (5) + Breeding (1), Business (3), Cultivars (5), Environment (2), Genetics (1), Laboratory (1), New products (1), Nursery (1), Vineyard management (1), Winemaking (5) and Wine marketing & tourism (2).



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