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This week- Organic Downy mildew control, Willingness-to-pay for different eco certifications, UAV monitoring of smoke damage, Making biofuels with winery waste water on saline soils, Measuring Plasmopara viticola oospores in leaf litter, Fungicide mobility in-planta and effect on Powdery mildew control, Wine cans and quality, Steel versus concrete tanks, Regional rainfall variability, Italian and Californian Sangiovese, Organic versus inorganic nitrogen addition, Extracts as salt replacer, Chicken tractors, Yeast selection for quality and Ochratoxin A management, Flor yeasts in sparkling production, Remote sensing trunk diseases, Cool climate yeasts, Fixed spraying systems, Microwave hydrodiffusion, Cover cropping, On the genetic basis of Teinturiers, On resistance to Pierces disease, GA application and bunch rot + Sustainability (5), Business (3), Cultivars (1), Environment (2), Health (3), Laboratory (2), New products (7), Nursery (1), Patents (2), Trunk diseases (2), Vine physiology (2), Vineyard management (3), Wine (2), Winemaking (5) and Wine marketing & tourism (2).



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Benefits: • Reduced color extraction • No activated carbon needed • Higher percentage of free-run juice • Higher yield with lower pressing pressure

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