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Reference: Comparison of the microbial diversity during two different wine fermentation processes
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Wine production is a complex procedure in which an important role is played by many microorganisms, particularly yeasts and bacteria. In modern wineries, alcoholic fermentation is usually carried out by adding microbial starter cultures of Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains for precisely controlled production. Nowadays, in Slovak republic, autochthonous vinification is getting more popular. The presented article deals with the comparison of two vinification approaches, namely spontaneous and controlled by a standard commercial S. cerevisiae starter, from the point of view of microbiota dynamics and the chemical characteristics of the produced wines. The dynamics of microbial populations were determined during the fermentation process by 16S and 28S rRNA next-generation sequencing approach. Profile of the volatile compounds during these fermentation processes was identified by SPME-GC/MS analysis. In summary, the microbial diversity in the m1 phase (initial must) was higher, despite the presence of the starter culture. In the m3 phase (young wine), the microbiome profiles of both batches were very similar. It seems that the crucial phase in order to study the relationship of the microbiome and the resulting product should be based on the m2 phase (fermented must), where the differences between autochthonous and inoculated batch were more evident.

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Published: 2020
Publication: FEMS Microbiology Letters
Issue: 2020 Online September 2020
Author: Bohmer M 2020


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