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Reference: Ensuring product quality- luxury clusters in cognac and leather
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This paper analyses the theoretical and empirical specificities of clusters in luxury industries. These clusters are rooted in rich traditional regions and differ from classic clusters through unique projects based on excellence and ‘artification’. We use a comparative case study of two French luxury clusters: spirits in Cognac and leather in Périgord-Limousin, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, to examine the attributes that are unique to a particular luxury cluster. Interviews with actors for their perceptions of the effects of agglomeration show that quality guarantee is perceived as the most important effect of agglomeration in luxury clusters.

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Benefits: • Reduced color extraction • No activated carbon needed • Higher percentage of free-run juice • Higher yield with lower pressing pressure

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Published: 2020
Publication: Regional Studies
Issue: 2020 Online September 2020
Author: Blancheton B 2020


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