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Reference: Effect of pre-harvest inactivated yeast treatment on the anthocyanin content and quality of table grapes
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Due to the global warming, more and more often the red-pink grape varieties grown in the Mediterranean basin reveal an insufficient accumulation of anthocyanins and thus a scarce coloration. Nowadays, this is becoming an important technological issue, which may result in the reduction of the fresh market value of table grape. This study aimed at assessing the effect of the pre-harvest treatment by specific inactivated yeasts (YE) on the qualitative parameters and anthocyanin pattern of three red table grape varieties, which typically present poor and/or incomplete coloration during warm years. An increment of anthocyanins level up to almost seven folds corresponding to an improvement of red skin appearance was observed in all the treated table grapes, which was preserved after cold storage, too. While, no significant influence on chemical composition and berry texture and dimensions was found, meaning that YE did not cause appreciable taste changes in grapes.

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Published: 2021
Publication: Food Chemistry
Issue: 2021 337-128006
Author: Crupi P 2020

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