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Reference: Distribution of copper and zinc fractions in a Regosol profile under centenary vineyard
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Phytosanitary treatments using Bordeaux mixture or zinc (Zn) fungicides are often used in vineyards, which increase soil copper (Cu) and Zn contents. In this study, the accumulation and distribution of Cu and Zn fractions (water soluble, exchangeable, oxidic, organic and residual fractions) was evaluated along a Regosol profile cultivated with vine since 1890 and treated with Bordeaux mixture. Copper and Zn contents of the superficial layer were around 2000 mg kg−1 and 170 mg kg−1, respectively, and decreased through depth profile. However, accumulation of these metals was also observed in deeper layers of the soil, until 50 cm depth. Most of the total Cu was bound to the mineral fraction, whereas Zn was predominantly in the residual one. In the superficial layer, the desorption potential was 25% for Cu and 46% for Zn of these metals total content. Although the dominance of chemical forms with low geochemical mobility, desorption of Cu and Zn occurs easily, representing a high risk of transference in the environment.

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Published: 2020
Publication: Environmental Earth Sciences
Issue: 2020 79-439
Author: Korchagin J 2020

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