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Announcement: I am re-launching my wine business audit program as The VitiSynth Global Audit ©.

The VitiSynth Global Audit © is the next generation of a second party audit I have been conducting for clients over many years. The checklist used during these audits includes over 2000 criteria related to technical, business management, environmental management and occupational health & safety aspects of vineyard, winery, warehouse and cellar door operations. The criteria are mapped against the VitiSynth Wine LoT © to provide structure and to create the opportunity for the client to use the VitiSynth database to further explore opportunities for improvement / innovation. The audit provides clients with a very detailed and constructive overview of the current status of operations including status in relation to compliance with international standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, HACCP, GMP, ISO 22000 and GFSI recognised standards such as IFS and FSSC 22000. For further information and to book the best audit your business will ever have contact me directly via

For examples of VitiSynth Global Audit © Criteria please refer to my report: "On the application of SWAN Systems to the Wine Industry Globally"

Also this week- Winery scale high-power ultrasound, Improving smoke-derived compound detection, Corn steep liquor and wine colour, Aroma compounds-Aromas-Vintages, More on grape seed additions to reduce protein haze, UAV monitoring of canopy management operations, Wine intolerance, Wine Influencers, Waste to sunscreen, GIS and Mechanisability, On the physiological effects of seaweed extract, Microplastics in vineyards + Sustainability (3), Business (1), Cultivars (1), Environment (1), Health (2), Laboratory (1), New products (4), Trunk diseases (2),Vineyard management (4), Viruses etc. (1), Wine marketing & tourism (1) and Wine sensory (1).



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