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This week- A series of papers on digital advertising in China, Winery scale Oenococcus oeni strain selection to avoid Histamine, Low cost water sensors, Genetics and distance effects on selling wine, More on AMF and water stress, Tempranillo berry size and wine quality, More on pesticides and frogs, Organic versus conventional control of leafhoppers, Urea removal, Land surface temperature remote sensing, Manganese application and drought tolerance, More on fumigation, More on Marquette, Chips over time, Carbon isotopes and Nitrogen, Regional typicity, Multi-modal filtrate against fungal diseases + Sustainability (5), Business (1), Climate change (1), Cultivars (4), Environment (1), Extension (1), Genetics (5), Health (1), Laboratory (3), New products (3), Patents (4), Research on research (2), Table grapes etc. (1), Trunk diseases (3), Vine physiology (4), Vineyard management (8), Viruses etc. (4), Winemaking (6), Wine marketing & tourism (5) and Wine sensory (5).



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