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Reference: European grapevine moth in the Douro region- voltinism and climatic scenarios
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The European grapevine moth, Lobesia botrana (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) is considered to be the main pest in the vineyards of the Douro Demarcated Region (DDR) due to the economic losses it can cause. Damage is caused by the larvae of this pest feeding on grape clusters, rendering them susceptible to Botrytis cinerea in mid-season and leading to the development of primary and secondary rot at harvest. Understanding this pest´s behaviour in the region under future climate scenarios is an increasing challenge. Hence, the present study aims to assess the potential effects of two likely climate change scenarios (Representative Concentration Pathways, RCP4.5 and RCP8.5) on Lobesia botrana phenology, particularly at the beginning and at the peak of the three Lobesia botrana flights. Our findings show that the phenological events generally occur earlier in all locations and mostly during the long-term period of 2021–2080, being 7 to 12 days in advance in the RCP4.5 scenario, and 15 to 24 days in advance in RCP8.5, when compared to current values (2000–2019) and regardless of the flight number. These results suggest that a fourth complete flight is likely in the future, and that Lobesia botrana will become a tetravoltine species in the region. The flight (male catches) and infestation of Lobesia botrana over periods with daily temperatures above its upper limit of development (> 33 °C) were also analysed during the period 2000–2019 in the targeted sites. The upward trend in the number of days with maximum temperature above 33 °C tended to be accompanied by a decrease in the total number of male catches during the second and third flights, as well as a decrease in the percentage of attacked bunches by the second and third generations. Overall, climate change is expected to influence the phenology of this pest in the DDR.

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Published: 2021
Publication: Oeno One
Issue: 2021 55-2
Author: Reis S 2021

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