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This week- Soil microbiota and vine decline, Oak barrel OTR, Biological control of grapevine yellows, Ohmic heating to increase phenols and save energy, AGV data for integration into irrigation scheduling, Terracing and climate change, Shoot chips addition, Barrel to barrel variation, Grapevine microbiota over the growing season, Accelerated autolysis, Rapid determination of powdery resistance to fungicides, Nanofiltration and phenols, A new virus, Bacterial inoculation of soil at planting, More on double cropping, Microoxygenation and acetaldehyde, Cross-linked enzyme aggregates, Shoot architecture, Anthocyanin temperature threshold, Anthocyanins and UV-C treatment, Saccharomyces uvarum strains, Graciano vs. Tempranillo under climate change, On the boil, Berry shrivel and climate change, Non-saccharomyces and Malo, On fungicide residues in vine shoot additives, Ellagitannins in Cognac oak, Dealcoholisation via RO and SCC, Oak choices, Pruning cut height above nodes, Non-destructive measureent of N and Fe in leaves, Monitoring airbourne Botrytis conidia, Botryosphaeria dieback-enzymes-proteins + Sustainability (4), Business (1), Climate change (1), Environment (1), VitiSynth Wine LoT © Updates, Genetics (4), HACCP (1), Health (2), Laboratory (1), New products (4), Regions (1), Table grapes (1), Trunk diseases etc. (1), Vine physiology (1), Vineyard management (4), Viruses etc. (2) and Winemaking (1).



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