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VitiSynth currently contains 12849 Entries, 107810 Factors, 27039 Interactions´╗┐ and growing.

VitiSynth was created with the primary purpose of helping busy wine professionals in keeping up with the large amount of wine research published around the world. Over the past 10 years VitiSynth has evolved beyond the indexing of research papers to include the significant resource that is the VitiSynth Wine LoT © (the most comprehensive "List of Things" to do with wine ever created) and VitiSynth Correlate © (a significant catalyst for innovation and 360° decision support).

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DANNY SULLIVAN, Winemaker / President, De Vin LLC (San Francisco, CA, USA)

PETER HAYES, Wine Sector Strategy, R&D, Innovation, Former OIV President, Principal VitiVini (Australia)

CHRIS ROGERS, Viticulture Consultant, Rogers Viticulture (Australia)

SEBASTIAN BAUSINGER, Oenological adviser (Germany)


Member New Zealand Wine Industry Hall of Fame

Fellow, New Zealand Winegrowers

Adjunct Associate Professor, Lincoln University

Honorary Fellow, Plant and Food Research, New Zealand


AGNES DIENES-NAGY, Analytical chemist (Switzerland)


Here are some thoughts on VitiSynth and VitiSynthesis from around the globe...

“I have been referencing this invaluable database for the last 5 years . It is an exceptional and unique resource for keeping up to date on a wide range of international wine industry research“

Jonathan Rodwell, International WineGrowing Consultant, Nova Scotia, Canada

"Very valuable for me, as viticultural consultant, I am involved in a number of research areas and like to keep up with latest publications which would be really difficult without Vitisynthesis."

Nick Hoskins, Owner and consultant Vine Managers Wairarapa Ltd Co., manager New Zealand Winegrowers, Vineyard ecosystems research programme. Riversun Nursery Ltd, consultant and advisor. 

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