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Reference: Distinctive phenolic accumulation response to temperature-induced by row orientation of two field-grown Vitis vinifera cultivars
Key Statements


Phenolic compounds play a critical role in grape quality, and their content is strongly influenced by bunch zone temperature during the ripening period. The mechanism of responding to temperature was found to highly depend on cultivars. The present study aimed to evaluate the effects of row orientation and canopy side on phenolic content in grape berries.

The authors analyzed the accumulation of phenolic compounds in mature berries of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Gernischt. They were harvested from various canopy sides of north-south and east-west row orientations, which were NS–E and NS–W, EW–S and EW–N.

During the ripening period, mean temperatures of the bunch zones, NS–W and EW–N were respectively higher than NS–E and EW–S. At harvest, the total phenolic, total anthocyanin, tannin and reducing sugar contents were higher in NS–E and EW–S, than in NS–W and EW–N, respectively, indicating a negative relationship with temperature. For both varieties, EW–S had the highest proportion of malvidins anthocyanins. Peonidins, delphinidins, and cyanidins anthocyanins of EW–N showed a higher ratio in Cabernet Sauvignon, while NS–E showed a higher ratio in Cabernet Gernischt.

To improve grape monomeric anthocyanin content, the results indicate that Cabernet Sauvignon of NS–W and Cabernet Gernischt of NS–E can be utilized for an effective strategy. Moreover, the optimal combination planting choices with cultivars would improve wine quality by increasing pigment concentrations linked to the color and antioxidant potential.

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Publication Details

Published: 2022
Publication: British Food Journal
Issue: 2022 Online May 2022
Author: Yin H 2022


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