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Reference: Waste valorization in winemaking industry- Vine shoots as precursors to optimize sensory features in white wine
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Postharvest pruning generates large amounts of vine-shoots (VSs) that are used as a domestic fuel or burned in the field, resulting in the release of CO2 and NO2. Its use as a raw material for the preparation of activated carbons (ACs) turns VS into a high added-value product. In this work, ACs have been prepared from VS by physical and chemical activation. The discoloring and deodorant capacity of these ACs has been analyzed and correlated with their physicochemical characteristics. We have demonstrated the excellent features of ACs prepared from VS to be used as fining agents of wines. ACs have been employed to mitigate the negative effects of browning on a white wine commodity as well as to decrease the presence of unpleasant aromas (e.g., vinyl phenols), contributing to solve an actual problem in the winemaking industry. The suitability of ACs to be used in enology was tested on a white wine cv. Pardina. The physically activated samples exhibited a higher capacity to remove polyphenolic compounds and improved the chromatic characteristics. Principal Component Analysis (PCA) was applied to study the discoloring capacity of the samples and their ability to remove unpleasant aromas.

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Published: 2022
Publication: LWT
Issue: 2022 Online May 2022
Author: Calderon Martin M 2022

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