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Reference: A Review on the Observed Climate Change in Europe and Its Impacts on Viticulture
Key Statements


The European climate is changing displaying profound impacts on agriculture, thus strongly reaching the scientific community’s attention. In this review, the compilation of selected scientific research on the agroclimatic conditions’ changes and their impact on the productivity parameters (phenology timing, product quality and quantity) of grapevines and on the spatiotemporal characteristics of the viticultural areas are attempted for the first time. For this purpose, a thorough investigation through multiple search queries was conducted for the period (2005–2021). Overall, increasing (decreasing) trends in critical temperature (precipitation) parameters are the reality of the recent past with visible impacts on viticulture. The observed climate warming already enforces emerging phenomena related to the modification of the developmental rate (earlier phenological events, shortening of phenological intervals, lengthening of the growing season, earlier harvest), the alteration of product quality, the heterogeneous effects on grapevine yield and the emergence of new cool-climate viticulture areas highlighting the cultivation’s rebirth in the northern and central parts of the continent. The vulnerability of the wine-growing ecosystem urges the integration of innovative and sustainable solutions for confronting the impacts of climate change and safeguarding the production (quantity and quality) capacity of viticultural systems in Europe under a continuously changing environment.

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Publication Details

Published: 2022
Publication: Atmosphere
Issue: 2022 13-5-837
Author: Droulia F 2022


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