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Reference: Development of alginate/pectin microcapsules by a dual process combining emulsification and ultrasonic gelation for encapsulation and controlled release of anthocyanins from grapes (Vitis labrusca L.)
Key Statements


The aim of this study was to investigate the physicochemical, morphological, and gastrointestinal release properties of an anthocyanin-rich extract of grapes in alginate and pectin beads as carriers; the effects of ultrasonic gelation combined with emulsification were also investigated. In general, the alginate beads showed smaller size and more regular shape compared to pectin. The effect of emulsification combined with ionic gelation was more pronounced in the alginate beads and resulted in higher retention of anthocyanins, higher antioxidant capacity, and also allowed the best release profile during intestinal digestion. Thus, the simultaneous strategy could be an interesting delivery system and enhance the release of anthocyanins, providing an opportunity for the development of ingredients with different bioactive properties.

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Publication Details

Published: 2022
Publication: Food Chemistry
Issue: 2022 391-133256
Author: Norcino L B 2022


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