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Reference: The technological potential of agro-industrial residue from grape pulping (Vitis spp.) for application in meat products- A review
Key Statements


This review aimed to investigate the technological potential of grape pomace for application in the meat industry, approaching the compounds of interest and presenting the challenges of its application in meat products. Grape pomace contains bioactive and nutritional compounds with beneficial properties for maintaining the physical-chemical, sensory, and nutritional quality of meat and its derivatives. Several studies have reported the presence of fiber, amino acids, essential fatty acids and minerals capable of increasing the nutritional value of meat products and promoting a nutrient supply when associated with animal feed. Additionally, the bioactive composition of grape pomace has anthocyanins, flavanols and phenolic acids capable of increasing the shelf life of meat products, inhibiting microbial development, and delaying the oxidative processes responsible for the deterioration of sensory and nutritional quality. The use of nano and microencapsulation technologies and the use of active packaging as carriers of grape pomace extracts enhance their application in meat and meat products. These technologies, applied individually or together, promote the controlled release of bioactive compounds during the storage and mask undesirable flavors promoted by phenolic compounds. In addition to the technological potential, the use of grape pomace by the meat industry meets the current demand for the use of natural additives and is in accordance with the sustainable development objectives established by the United Nations Organization, reducing environmental impacts and allowing the obtaining molecules with high added value from industrial waste.

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Publication Details

Published: 2022
Publication: Food Bioscience
Issue: 2022 49-101877
Author: dos Santos Silva M E 2022


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