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Reference: Developing active and intelligent films through the incorporation of grape skin and seed tannin extracts into gelatin
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To achieve sustainability in the wine industry, by-products from winery operations are being diverted from waste streams and turned into beneficial use. Grape seed tannin (SeedT) and skin tannin (SkinT) extracts were used to modify the properties of gelatin films, and to prepare active/intelligent films. The SeedT extract showed a higher phenolic content (~ 440 mg gallic acid (GA)/g extract) and antioxidant inhibition (~ 20 %) than the SkinT extract (14 mg GA/g extract, 2 % antioxidant inhibition), while both extracts presented colour variations with an increase of solution pH. The addition of extracts into the gelatin formulation resulted in coloured and transparent films with lower wettability (water contact angle increased up to 92°) and higher UV-light absorbance (secondary antioxidant function) properties. The films were capable of releasing tannins by up to 20 % which led to antioxidant inhibition values of up to 13 % (primary antioxidant function). The addition of SkinT tannins into the films provided the films with a pH indicator ability (intelligent function).

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Published: 2022
Publication: Food Packaging and Shelf Life
Issue: 2022 33-100896
Author: Etxabide A 2022


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