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Reference: Reducing the source/sink ratio of grapevine to face global warming in a semi-arid climate- Effects on volatile composition of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes and wines
Key Statements


The heterogeneity of the vineyard environment caused high variability in grape metabolites and flavor profiles, and the phenomenon was more prominent in recent years of climate change. Herein, distal leaf removal was applied in semi-arid Xinjiang to adjust the source to sink ratio of grapevines for three consecutive years (2018–2020). The grape-derived volatiles showed high correlations with specific climate factors such as temperature changes in the growth period. Results showed that distal leaf removal increased the solar radiation reaching the clusters in the first few days after applying LR treatments while not affecting the temperature. The improvement in fruity and floral aroma intensity by distal leaf removal was founded not only in grape metabolites but also in wines. Moderate cluster exposure brought by distal leaf removal was beneficial for the accumulation of isoprenoids, which therefore increased the fruity and floral intensity of wines. The carry-over effect did not show in consecutively defoliated vines among vintages regarding the wine aroma profile.

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Publication Details

Published: 2022
Publication: Food Chemistry X
Issue: 2022 15-100449
Author: Lu H 2022


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