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Reference: Untargeted metabolomic analysis by ultra-high-resolution mass spectrometry for the profiling of new Italian wine varieties
Key Statements


The chemical composition of wine samples comprises numerous bioactive compounds responsible for unique flavor and health-promoting properties. Thus, it’s important to have a complete overview of the metabolic profile of new wine products in order to obtain peculiar information in terms of their phytochemical composition, quality, and traceability. To achieve this aim, in this work, a mass spectrometry-based phytochemical screening was performed on seven new wine products from Villa D’Agri in the Basilicata region (Italy), i.e., Aglianico Bianco, Plavina, Guisana, Giosana, Malvasia ad acino piccolo, Colata Murro and Santa Sofia. Ultra-high-resolution mass spectrometry data were processed into absorption mode FT-ICR mass spectra, in order to remove artifacts and achieve a higher resolution and lower levels of noise. Accurate mass-to-charge ratio (m/z) values were converted into putative elemental formulas. Therefore, 2D van Krevelen diagrams were used as a tool to obtain molecular formula maps useful to perform a rapid and more comprehensive analysis of the wine sample metabolome. The presence of important metabolite classes, i.e., fatty acid derivatives, amino acids and peptides, carbohydrates and phenolic derivatives, was assessed. Moreover, the comparison of obtained metabolomic maps revealed some differences among profiles, suggesting their employment as metabolic fingerprints. This study shed some light on the metabolic composition of seven new Italian wine varieties, improving their value in terms of related bioactive compound content. Moreover, different metabolomic fingerprints were obtained for each of them, suggesting the use of molecular maps as innovative tool to ascertain their unique metabolic profile.

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Publication Details

Published: 2022
Publication: Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry
Issue: 2022 Online September 2022
Author: Onzo A 2022


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