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This week- VitiSynth Correlate © Graphic of the week: Waterlogging (requested by Wine Australia to provide support to Australian growers as part of the Wine Australia Group Access Program), Irrigation and carbon sequestration, Cross-contamination of aromatics via the bottling line, Grape pulp fibre as a fining agent, Monoterpene evolution, Combined MeJa-Urea application, Fanleaf cross-protection, On the role of parents in wine consumption, Concord irrigation, Cretaceous–Paleogene transition, Withlocals wine tours, Canary pine barrels, Bot rot control, Frost protection, Struck flint aroma, Wine phenols and human cells, Night-time temperature effect on anthocyanin accumulation, More on CRISPR, Adhesion technology, E-nose advancement, More on astringency + Sustainability (1), From the vault- Waterlogging (5), Breeding (1), VitiSynth Correlate © Updates, VitiSynth Wine LoT © Updates, Cultivars (1), Genetics (5), Health (1), Laboratory (2), New products (5), Vineyard management (5) and Wine marketing & tourism (8).



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