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Reference: Assessment of the bottled storage conditions on the volatile composition and sensorial characteristics of white wines
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AIM: The quality of bottled white wines is highly influenced by their storage conditions, mainly temperature, and exposure to light and oxygen (1, 2). The aim of this work was to study the effect of different storage conditions on the volatile composition and sensorial characteristics of a white wine.METHODS: Wines were bottled in clear glass bottles with three types of cork stoppers and stored at different temperature and light exposure, simulating commercial conditions (light exposure and room temperature) and optimal cellar conditions (darkness and 12 ºC). Volatile compounds, previously extracted by SPE, were analyzed by GC-MS, while descriptive sensory analysis was used to evaluate wine organoleptic characteristics.RESULTS: Volatile and sensory profile of wines stored under commercial conditions suffered important changes, being significantly decreased their volatile compounds with fruity and floral aromas. At the same time, volatile compounds related to aged-type characters (linalool oxides, vitispirane, TDN or furan derivatives) increased in these wines. Wines stored at optimal cellar conditions showed a similar volatile and sensory profile to wine before bottling. Moreover, the quality of the white wines was better preserved by the high-quality natural corks and microgranulated corks, from a sensory point of view.CONCLUSIONS: The shelf life and quality of white wines are considerably decreased by temperature and light exposure conditions in retail outlets, due to the premature development of aged-type characters.

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Published: 2021
Publication: Macrowine 2021
Issue: 2021 23-30 June 2021
Author: Lopez Vinas M 2021


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