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This week- VitiSynth Correlate © Graphic of the week: Stone fruit, Smoke taint from peppercorn size onwards, Wine cellar design problems, Low alcohol consumer rejection thresholds, An open access list of designation of origin regulations, Boron application and wine composition, Wine professionals have a different tongue microbiome, Unripe frozen must addition, Vineyard geological identity, Revisiting sub-surface irrigation, Organic-conventional-yeasts, Chardonnay clone 809 versus 76, Phenol measurement, Quick phenotyping, Node number-vine-balance and budburst, Drivers of cultivar selection, Drone spray drift, Climate change and UK Chardonnay, SO2 versus glutathione and gallotannins, Strawberry clover, Elicitor and Nitrogen application, More on PEF, Proline nanoparticles and salinity, Wine worker stories + Sustainability (3), From the vault- Stone fruit aromas (13), Cultivars (4), Food fraud (1), VitiSynth Correlate © Updates, VitiSynth Wine LoT © Updates, Genetics (5), New products (1), Nursery (1), Table grapes etc. (3), Vineyard management (6), Winemaking (4), Wine marketing & tourism (2) and Wine sensory (1).



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