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Reference: Antifungal Activities of a Grapevine Byproduct Extract Enriched in Complex Stilbenes and Stilbenes Metabolization by Botrytis cinerea
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Grapevine co-products, as canes, represent a source of compounds of interest to control vineyard diseases with a sustainable approach. We chose to study an extract that we produced from grapevine trunk and roots. This extract, enriched in complex stilbenes, strongly reduced mycelial growth and spore germination of Botrytis cinerea, the fungal agent causing gray mold. The most active stilbenes were resveratrol, r-viniferin, and ε-viniferin. This grapevine extract also inhibited the production of Botrytis laccases. Conversely, Botrytis secretome metabolized resveratrol into δ-viniferin and pallidol (2 dimers); and ε-viniferin, a dimer, into hopeaphenol, r-viniferin, and r2-viniferin (3 tetramers). r-Viniferin and hopeaphenol (2 tetramers) were not metabolized. The biotransformed extract maintained an effective antimycelial activity. This study provides evidence that a grapevine extract enriched in oligomerized stilbenes exerts different anti-Botrytis activities, notwithstanding the ability of the fungus to metabolize some stilbenes.

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Publication Details

Published: 2023
Publication: JAFC
Issue: 2023 Online March 2023
Author: Taillis D 2023


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